"Giving the priceless gift of joy"

Family Resource Center, On Your Feet Inc. (FRC) Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization who provides assistance to the poor, homeless, low income, needy families and individuals, shelters, missions, board and care facilities, 24 hour children’s shelters, individuals with chronic and life threatening illnesses, victims of domestic violence, schools, hospitals, emergency disaster relief and to other non-profit 501(c)3 organizations in need of our assistance.


FRC started out as a small group of volunteers wanting to help the poor and less fortunate. FRC volunteers began passing out flyers requesting donations of clothing, shoes, toys, bedding, food, household items and furniture for those in need.


As the business grew, the organization contacted retailers and manufacturers around the world to lend their support. FRC is supported by some of the largest retailers and manufacturers.


FRC and our corporate partners have brought much needed relief to thousands throughout the world bringing the priceless gift of joy to countless children and families.


Throughout the years FRC has continued to invest in activating resources that work to make the greatest economic and social impact in under-served communities; aiming to increase their quality of life one family at a time





All of our programs and services are part of our overall objective to help individuals and families reach higher levels of self-sufficiency and achieve individual and family economic success.    Our philosophy is that when a person is empowered to improve value in self, families will thrive.  When families thrive, communities grow and flourish both socially and economically.


 Our goal going into 2014 was to increase the number of individuals and families we served in 2013. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and partners we increased our numbers by 40%. We also wanted to inform the community of our events in new and innovative ways.





Family Resource Center’s-On Your Feet Inc has Partnerships with some of the Largest Retailers and Manufacturers around the world who lend their support throughout the year whenever they have clothing, shoes, toys, personal care items, household items, food and water available for donation.


 We work with partners to focus and align resources to open doors for low income families & individuals to retain and advance careers, to achieve financial security, and thereby making changes in regional systems that impact current and future generations.



Our mass communications network is constantly growing. We work with many multi-lingual radio and television stations, “211 San Diego the community information and referral website, phone service and non-profit direct mail with USPS.

"helping families thrive"

On Your Feet Inc. - Family Resource Center

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